16.10.2012 Trends for 2013 (so early?? yeah)
One of the most interesting elements of my work is the opportunity to talk day-in and day-out with internal communications professionals  and read articles in a wide range of companies and industries.

By listening to the common issues our clients raise, and being aware of new developments with

technology and other tools, we find ourselves forming some predictions of what’s on the horizon for

the coming year. Here are five trends we expect to see more of in 2012.

12.07.2012 Four Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Journalist:
1. Did you get my email about [so and so] joining the company?
** I might have, I might not have. But if I’m interested I’ll let you know.
2. I was wondering if you got the press release [on our new product]…
** If you sent it to me, I got it and if I’m interested…(see #1)
3. Can I see the story before it runs?
** Um, no. We are journalists.
4. You might not be the right person for this pitch, but…
** Then find the right person!

4 Things a Journalist Shouldn’t Say to a PR Pro:
1. Leave me alone, I’ll get back to you if I’m interested.
** That’s just rude and unprofessional.
2. Put me in touch with your CEO and maybe I’ll write the story.
** Threats get you nowhere (legally).
3. I would prefer it if you were not present during the interview.
** There’s nothing wrong with PR being in the room (or on phone) during a call.
4. Thanks for being such a great flack.
** It’s the last word that irks. The first six are good.

The lecture today was really exciting, but I was thinking in other less important things. Well, not less important for me, but another time the SWOT, AIDA, POD, IMC Plans, taking notes in English and Spanish was too much for a cold day like this.

We're speaking about "the art of visualisation": visualise what success looks like, what you will be doing and how you will be feeling at the end of the meeting, the project. This is the success mindset that is worth carrying into the meeting.

Interesting. And now, two websites recommended:

22.01.2012 Blue Oceans
A picture is worth a thousand words. So imagine a video...

15.01.2012 Decided. This is Marketing

Maybe you're thinking I'm crazy. Thinking I could lost the few followers that I have. Maybe. But as I'm always saying, this is my blog, and I fuck it when I want it's my little personal madness!
Since now this page is Marketing for dummies.
You'll only find information about marketing.
You'll only read in English.
I hope you enjoy it!

In two days I'm starting my course in City University of London: Advanced Marketing. Are you ready to learn with me? I'll try to do it well, my English is not the best... but my intention cannot be better!

First clue: I'm reading How To Influence: The art of making things happen, by Jo Owen, and I`ll finish all my entries with his words. A great discovery for me.

The easiest way for people without incluence to gain influence is to borrow it from someone else.
Go where the power is!

30.12.2011 Estoy en beta
Sólo quiero probar y que una parte de mi blog personal se centre sólo en el marketing.

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